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“Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero."


I lead my life by this philosophy, "Pluck the day [for it is ripe], trusting as little as possible in tomorrow.” My body, mind, and spirit are tools with which I experience the world. They are gifts that I was blessed with, therefore I must cherish every moment, and never complain about the weather.

I am an artist, and beauty seeps through everything I do, whether it's making music, cooking, painting, spending time with friends, or making love. 

I adore the finer things in life, and I am bursting to share my inner light with those who surround me. I am attracted to many different kinds of people, and I see beauty in virtually everyone I meet.

In terms of carnal intimacy, I have extremely broad tastes which I indulge with relish and enthusiasm, however with the utmost safety. Visit my "rates and services" page for more info on this.

I am often told that I exude raw sexuality, and turn heads when I walk into a room. More important than this though, I have a background in education and therapy, and I am a wonderful listener and trustworthy confidante. My interest in lovers, friends, and people is profound and disregards the superficial. I view life as an alien or otherworldly inhabitant might: objectively naïve, appreciative, and in awe.

I love exercise and practice dance, weight training, horseback riding, and yoga, which gifts me with exciting physical abilities. I am often told I am incredibly enjoyable to play with, lovers frequently tell my I am "the best they've ever had." Perhaps this is due to my physical body mirroring my alien-like mentality, for lovers are often astounded by the unique strength of my anatomy.

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