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Turn-offs, Boundaries & Restrictions

I am drug-free and get tested monthly <3

If you use drugs intravenously or nasally ("snorting") I can't book with you.

420 friendly, moderate alcohol consumption during bookings is ok.

No intoxicated individuals may book.

If you ask me for bareback, bbbj or cim, I assume you are either a carrier of an STI , or sorely needing sex  education/understanding of infectious spread. I only book with safe, respectful, classy friends and get tested regularly. I provide excellent sex education under my social rates. Here are my specific boundaries:

No greek (on me, on you is welcome and enjoyed :)) DATO DATY (on me,) No golden Shower (on me,) Oral kissing/Frenching, Absolutely NO negative Race-Related Roleplay (i.e. dark-skin humiliation/light-skin worship,) Heel insertion, No Bondage, no significant pain (inflicted on me.) No unpaid texting/phone calls/social time beyond booking specs and need-to know info. 

No colognes, or scented products, including deodorants and antiperspirants. (If you wear we will have to cancel as it can make me sick.) Please abstain from smoking tobacco before meeting me.

Attempting to negotiate my rates or boundaries will result in being blocked.

No illicit substances. 

Any, all, and each cold calls, attempts at rate negotiations, or excessive/disorganized communication may result in $25 inconvenience fees for each strike.

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